My interest in sound started when I first learned how to play with my parents Hifi system. One of my earliest memories is plugging a microphone into the headphone socket and it making noise. I realised right then that microphones and headphones are the same inside just designed differently for different applications. (Oh and feedback, much to my parents’ dismay….. I loved feedback!).

From then on I was hooked. I played bass in bands and was always the one messing with the sound kit. After leaving school I moved on to college to study an A level in Music Tech. Where one of my lecturers caught my imagination when showing us how to use a real sound desk. I was obsessed! By the 2nd year, I was working for free with local PA companies just to gain some experience. A few years later I was to get my first paid gig, from there to working in venues, then working for bands on tour.

I’ve been in the industry now for 24 years, I’ve stood in the dark corners of the stage all over the world. I’ve done a mixture of rolls, from FOH system tech to monitor engineer, mixing both wedges and IEMs. Recently I gained the position as a Rational Acoustics Smaart instructor and now offer public and private smaart classes. Educating the next generation with my life long passion of audio.

There is no better feeling than hanging a sound system, seeing the show happen, knowing you put it up there and designed the system. I love what I do and continue to do it with the same passion I started with.